Florida Golf Destination: Naples



Naples, FL

Golf on Florida's Paradise Coast

An abundance of clubs and courses make Naples a golf lover’s paradise. But you don’t have to be a professional player to enjoy some quality fairway time on the Paradise Coast. With more than 90 golf courses in the area, some private, there are plenty of places to play, and several tricks to the tee box.

For golfing visitors, courses reflect the native Floridian terrain and can pose unfamiliar obstacles to players. Before you take that first swing, keep in mind that the lush, green and relatively flat terrain of most courses in Naples and Marco Island can pose a challenging surprise with creative layouts, bunkers and water hindrances. Play target golf to avoid craftily placed hazards. While on the fairway, you’ll also notice the unique, soft green turf. Florida’s Bermuda grass grows differently than northern grasses and therefore you should not replace divots as the grass will die. Instead, fill the divots with sand from your cart.

Wildlife is abundant on courses in the area. Expect close encounters with birds and other wildlife during your game. If your ball ends up in the water, be aware of alligators and turtles. For any balls too difficult to salvage, consult the rules of the game and take a ball drop penalty.